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Some of the most concerning legal issues you may face in Palm Beach County are those involving your family. Whether you seek guardianship of an elderly parent or need a divorce, addressing these matters requires confidentiality, discretion, and trust. West Palm Beach family lawyer Charles D. Jamieson could provide sound guidance when you and your family face difficult legal challenges.

Many complex statutes and rules govern family law cases, and it can be essential to have a strong knowledge of all the applicable laws and stay abreast of any updates. Experienced legal counsel could know the relevant regulations and have experience applying them to the unique facts of a case. Attorney Charles D. Jamieson could address your case with skill and compassion and in a manner that best serves you and respects your family’s interests. Call the firm today to discuss your situation.


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    The Benefits of a Family Lawyer

    A seasoned lawyer has experience in a broad range of domestic matters. The attorney could bring particular skills to a family law case, including experience with local judges, enhanced knowledge of domestic relations law, and familiarity with courtroom procedure.

    An Objective Voice

    Regardless of the type of case, it is difficult to represent oneself in court, and it can be especially hard in a situation involving a spouse or another family member. Family matters are often deeply personal and fraught with emotion, and it may be difficult to separate intense feelings from rational case planning. An experienced lawyer in Palm Beach County could objectively discuss the concerns, assess the relevant legal issues impartially, and develop a reasonable strategy to present the case to a judge.

    Knowledge of the Legal System

    Family law matters are often complicated, and effectively presenting a case in court can be challenging. Many of the individuals who appear before a judge are not trained in the law and are not knowledgeable of the proper steps and procedures to follow when presenting family law matters. Similarly, appearing in court without a sound legal basis for their claims could jeopardize the family’s entire case. Whether it is a divorce or a juvenile delinquency proceeding, a family lawyer could gather the necessary evidence, file the appropriate pleadings within the deadlines, and litigate the matter in court.



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    What Can an Attorney Do for West Palm Beach Families?

    A family lawyer is a licensed attorney with particular skill and interest in family matters. The attorney manages legal problems between persons with familial relationships. These family matters may include juvenile and adult guardianships, paternity, parental rights termination, custody, child support, adoption, domestic violence, and divorce. An experienced family lawyer in the West Palm Beach area could draft the necessary documents to protect a client’s interests in these matters, including: paternity petitions, prenuptial, postnuptial, marital, and property settlement agreements, divorce pleadings, including a petition for dissolution of marriage, custody orders, child and spousal support orders, domestic violence injunctions, guardianship petitions. The attorney could also represent an individual or, in some cases, the whole family in various Palm Beach County court proceedings.

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    The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A., is committed to assertively defending the rights of individuals involved in divorce or child custody disputes. For over 40 years, Board Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney Charles D. Jamieson has been at the forefront of his field in family law, parental rights, and child abuse defense– often acting as an expert consultant in high profile and complex cases making him a leader among family divorce attorneys. From highly contested divorces wrought with parental alienation and other serious issues, to collaborative family law, to mediation, to legal counseling, Charles Jamieson expertly provides legal representation to his clients.

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    We understand this is a painful, emotionally draining and difficult experience that even with the best approaches can have a long-lasting impact on you and the other members of your family.

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